UnChain your notification Superpowers

RoutingBird is a Postback Manager and Routing System. You can track and organize all your postbacks, deliver it to different destinations, modify url parameters, add conversion rates and much more.


May the force be with you.

Postback Duplication

Send Every Postback to multiple destinations based on rules.

Modify URL Parameters

Fix URL typos or convert between formats without your account manager to be present.

Single Entrypoint

Use the same RoutingBird URL for all your networks, replace your tracker seamless.

How It Works?.

May the force be with you.


Usually Advertisers only allow one postback URL. This makes almost impossible to use multiple trackers and keep tracking of your leads. You usually cant use one tracker for a few campaigns and the rest for another.


RoutingBird will give you a single url to set a global postback on the Advertiser side and then distribute them to all your tracking platforms.

Postback duplication

Send the same postback to multiple endpoints. This way you can use multiple trackers at the same time.

Smart Routing

Receive all postbacks in the same URL and create rules to decide where to send each single one.

Modify parameters

You can define multiple parameter modifiers. You decide which information should be sent to every single node.